On May 13, 2015 Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a call from a police  officer who had been contacted regarding a stray dog. The dog was reported as lying in a field screaming in agony next to a neighborhood home. Randy, along with Donna also with Stray Rescue, immediately went out to investigate. What they found was Diseno, a pit bull terrier who had been shot in the face four days earlier and left to die, according to residents. The residents had ignored Diseno’s cries, going about their daily lives, yet when Diseno saw Randy and Donna she began to wag her tail as if she knew she was about to be rescued.

At ISF we have become very familiar with the work of Stray Rescue through our grant program. When we received the grant request to help Diseno, it was decided to provide a grant immediately.

The gunshot wound had left Diseno with a shattered cheek and jaw causing neurological problems effecting her right eye. Due to the extent of her jaw injury, there was nothing which could be done medically to correct it. Further x-rays revealed the bullet ripped through her body and lodged itself into her spine, causing paralysis in her hind legs. Once in the care of Stray Rescue, she was transported to a local emergency veterinary center where she received emergency surgery to remove the bullet and repair her spine. After a successful surgery and once stabilized, Diseno was transported back to Stray Rescue’s facility to continue her treatment and rehabilitation.

During Diseno’s recovery, Stay Rescue wrote to ISF, “Diseno is recovering very well! After her surgery, she was brought back to her apartment at Stray Rescue where she received love and attention from the staff and volunteers. She loves her human friends so much that she did not like to be left alone in her apartment, and would cry when her visitors left. Despite the injury to her shattered jaw, she is able to eat wet food and drink without any trouble.”

Diseno required therapy to learn how to walk again. Starting with slow wobbly steps, she eventually improved to the point she can now walk without a limp. The impact from the bullet which caused her neurological problems also prevented Diseno from being able to blink. Therefore, she requires artificial tears through eye drops every day.

In July 2015, Diseno was well enough to go into foster care.  Her foster family was familiar with her story because it had been publicized in St. Louis due to the horrific nature of the abuse she endured. Her foster family has three other dogs who got along with Diseno so well, they decided their home was the right fit for Diseno! Now, she is living the spoiled and loving life she deserves. She adores her canine siblings and going to parks to hang out in the grass and listen to music. She even loves riding in her new dad’s car with the top down!

After Diseno was adopted, Stray Rescue wrote ISF to say, “Diseno is the most loving and gentle dog, and she has never met a stranger. We’re always so amazed at the resiliency of these animals who go through such horrific abuse and yet still have the courage to trust humans again.”







Written by: Veronica Hampton

Edited by: Bob Stone

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