For only being two years old, poor little Elsa has had more than her fair share of bad luck.  This sweet boxer first came into the care of Southern California Boxer Rescue after she was found tied to a dumpster and left to die at a truck stop in Victorville, CA.  She was tick infested, dirty and severely malnourished. In spite of the cruelty she endured, she is a fun-loving girl who enjoys playing and giving kisses. After a sincere attempt at finding Elsa’s owners, the rescue placed Elsa in foster care while an adoptive family could be found.

Unfortunately, Elsa’s bad luck was not over.  While out walking with her foster mom, she was viciously attacked by a stray pit bull mix. The other dog had grabbed onto both Elsa’s neck and legs causing severe lacerations, some of which went to the bone.  By the time Elsa was removed from the situation and brought home, she had lost a pint of blood and was fighting for her life. She was rushed to Western University where she underwent five surgeries and had round-the-clock emergency care.  All in all, Elsa spent three weeks there recovering from the attack. As is usually the case in complex injuries involving surgery, the bill quickly soared to $2,400.  With an already stretched budget, So Cal Boxer Rescue applied for a grant from ISF to offset the hefty bill. ISF was happy to partner with such a great organization right in our own back yard.

As for Elsa, she is back to being her happy fun-loving self.  She enjoys jumping from couch to couch and will give you the “stink eye” if she is annoyed. Once her true personality emerged, it was apparent she enjoys interacting with other dogs and is also gentle with children. She still needed to be spayed before she could find her forever home, but she was definitely well past the bad luck which had plagued her previously!

ISF loves happy endings and we’re thrilled to report that Elsa got hers.  As oftentimes happens, Elsa’s foster mom fell in love with her charge and adopted Elsa permanently.  She is now living the good life in Orange County, CA, lounging by the beach.  It’s a dog’s life!  

Writtenn by Shandra Locken

Edited by Bob Stone