This heartbreaking story is a rescue's worst nightmare. Sometimes, no matter how much vetting is done by a rescue, it is impossible to prevent an act of cruelty from happening after adoption. Finneus, a beautiful, black, long-haired male kitten, sustained traumatic injuries after he was adopted by someone who entered his adoptive family's home. He had previously been placed with a foster family who loved and cared for him as he waited for his forever home.  Shockingly, two days after his adoption Wild Blue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Colorado Springs, CO received a call from a local vet informing them Finneus had been injured.  Thankfully, this is why rescuers often remain on all their rescued animals' microchips. In this case, the vet often partnered with the rescue and when he realized what had happened, called them right away. It was later revealed, in a heinous act of cruelty, Finneus had been thrown against a wall.  The rescue immediately reclaimed him and started the arduous process of saving him.

Finneus’ injuries included a broken left paw, broken left femur, and broken pelvis, along with a possible head injury, bladder injury and bruised lungs.  In addition to round-the-clock hospitalization, multiple blood tests and x-rays, Finneus would also need surgery to repair the multiple bone fractures.  He had a long road to recovery ahead of him and upwards of $5,000 in medical expenses.  Since Wild Blue is largely a volunteer based organization, they set out fundraising to cover the huge cost of his care.  ISF was horrified to hear of what Finneus had been through and agreed to give Wild Blue a grant to help with their fundraising.  Thanks to the magic of social media, ALL of Finneus’ medical costs were covered.  

Thanks to the amazing investigative team at the Humane Society of the Pike’s Peak Region, Finneus’ abuser was arrested and arraigned in March 2017.  Wild Blue reported, We as an organization have learned a lot about the process for reporting and following up on abuse cases. We've also reinforced our love of cats, as Finneus overcame his stranger shyness and learned to trust again.”  We at ISF truly hope anyone committing such an atrocious act is quickly brought to justice so he or she cannot hurt another creature. 

As for Finneus, he made a full recovery with complete mobility and no lingering psychological effects, in spite of the abuse he suffered.  After caring for him during his recuperation, his original foster family couldn’t bear to part with him again and officially adopted him on June 17, 2017.  They describe him as being a very loving and playful cat who loves to snuggle.  They told ISF in a follow up email, “We are really in LOVE with our Finneus and couldn't wish for a sweeter, more loving and gentle giant of a kitty.”  Michelle, his human mom, is on Wild Blue’s leadership team as volunteer assistant foster coordinator and she's a huge boon to the organization. She and her teenage daughter Kat (pictured here), also a volunteer, take Finneus out to senior/assisted living homes, various anti-abuse rallies, and to schools for educational purposes, sometimes just as Finneus and sometimes as a Wild Blue representative for their Kitty Therapy program. Finneus is also somewhat of a local celebrity and was voted Honorary Mayor of Black Forest in a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for animal abuse.  Finneus was a “bi-pawtison” candidate and the townsfolk of Black Forest have high hopes for his first term as mayor.        

Written by Shandra Locken

Edited by Bob Stone

  ISF Grantee Finneus    

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