The team from Hope Animal Rescue was returning from an animal care conference when they came across Garth and his brothers in a Tennessee shelter. Without hesitation, they brought him into their animal rescue.

Needing surgery to be able to live a normal life, Garth was a puppy with pulmonic stenosis which requires heart surgery to correct. Catherine from Hope Animal Rescue wrote to ISF, "We took him to NCSU for evaluation and echocardiogram, after that he had to have a repeat echo four weeks later, soon it was time for the surgery." 

Garth had to have Atenolol medication twice daily. This was to keep his heart from working too hard as he already had abnormal thickening on the walls of his heart. Garth is a very happy boy who is full of life, but he tires more quickly because of his heart. Without surgery, his likely lifespan would have been approximately three years.

After all the exams, echocardiograms, bloodwork and medications, it was time for the surgery. Unfortunately, the cost was too much for Hope Animal Rescue. ISF was able to give them a Medical Emergency Grant to help so sweet Garth would get the surgery he needed to live a full life.

Catherine said, "Sadly, nobody wants to adopt a puppy who only has three years of life." The surgery would give hope to Garth for adoption and a normal length of life. Garth’s surgery was a success. With the exception of having to take medication twice a day for his heart, Garth is now a healthy, normal puppy.

He is doing much better with the assistance of his medication and the pressure on his heart has come down considerably. He needs a repeat echo when he is closer to a year old, but it is likely he won't need another surgery at the time.

Now fast forward.  Garth is taken to one of the Hope Animal Rescue events. It is at this event the little guy finds his furrever home. Garth meets his future family who welcomes him into their lives.

From the doubtful beginnings, through a tough operation and lots of medication, Garth shines brightly. He is with his loving family, living his life to the fullest and he even participated in a presentation at a preschool to teach kids how to be kind to animals. Garth has added to his new family’s life by giving back to his family and the community.


Written by Eve Capper

Edited by Bob Stone