Green Your Way Back to School This Fall!

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, going back to school can be an exciting time of year or even a stressful one once you receive the list of supplies you are going to need for the upcoming year. I remember as a kid needing to bring tissues, reams of paper, pencils, multiple notebooks, and more. But do we really need to buy new supplies every single year? Why waste and throw things away? Have you ever thought about reusing supplies a second year in a row? Reusable bags are a great way to go and there are many types of bags to choose from.

Many people buy a new backpack each year and throw away their old one. However, you can reuse them another year or for other purposes. As a kid I used my backpacks until they had holes in the bottom or they became too small for my supplies or me. Even after I couldn’t use them for school, I would still use them for traveling, sleepovers, or just to carry things around. Backpacks are easy to reuse!

Lunchboxes and lunch bags are also easy to reuse. Plastic contributes too much to the environmental waste we experience, so why not purchase a lunch bag or box that you can use over and over? There are also thrift shops, garage sales, and local businesses that donate and give away reusable items such as these. Reusable bags are great for lunches, snacks, drinks, and more! I save any reusable bags I’ve been given and we take them to work, get-togethers, on trips, and anywhere that we carry things.

Another item you can switch from plastic to reusable is sandwich bags. Tupperware makes great sandwich, chip, or any other snack and meal containers. It can be expensive, so a cheaper way to have reusable Tupperware is to save the containers from lunch meat if you buy it. They are durable, last a while, and perfect for meals.

There are many ways to reuse school supplies each year, whether you’re a teacher or a student. Bags are a great start to greening your way back to school!

-Photo Credit: Paige L.

-Written by: Melissa S.