ISF Grantee HaikuIn traditional folklore, the tortoiseshell cat was said to bring good luck. In December 2017, contrary to folklore, Haiku, a 3-year-old female tortoiseshell cat, became a victim of misfortune. The injured cat was admitted to a shelter in New Mexico and it was decided she would be euthanized solely because they did not have x-ray equipment to begin her diagnosis. A concerned citizen contacted Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the hopes of saving her from euthanasia. Following an arduous 5 days in transport, without any pain medication, Haiku arrived nervous, shaken and in pain. She trembled to the touch, even when purring, from fear, pain, or both. She had already endured two weeks without any treatment, but once Haiku received pain medication and proper care, she began purring and nuzzling her caretakers.

An examination revealed Haiku had a dislocated hip and ankle. Even more distressing was Haiku’s injuries were believed to have resulted from human hands. Two medical opinions stated Haiku would make a full recovery with amputation of her injured leg.

As previous grantees of an Ian Somerhalder Foundation Medical Emergency Grant, Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary reached out to ISF again and was awarded financial assistance with Haiku’s necessary surgery.                                         

On January 18, 2018, Haiku’s rear leg amputation to the hip was successfully completed. However, celebrating the successful surgery would need to be put on hold as Haiku panicked when she came out of anesthesia and her blood pressure skyrocketed, causing her sutures to bleed. Haiku was kept overnight for monitoring and was kept hydrated. Fortunately, she relaxed enough to be released into foster care the following day. After surgery, Haiku’s trembling ceased, revealing a happy cat.

Now it was time to celebrate!

Haiku adjusted extremely well to life on three limbs. Her rescuers were not surprised, since she had been living without using the dislocated limb for an unknown length of time before coming into their care. Haiku’s good fortune continued as she received an adoption inquiry after only five days of ‘vacationing’ in her pet store cat-condo to help cats get adopted. On March 22, 2018, Haiku found her forever home with a family of three and their two other kitties!

Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary had this to say, “The resilience of kitties astounds us. Haiku was in incredible pain for weeks before anyone did anything for her, but she was only ever sweet and loving with her foster humans.”

Haiku spent a difficult 5-day journey to get the assistance she so desperately needed after being injured at the hands of a human. Thankfully once healed, she spent another 5 restful days at an adoption event where her forever family saw her and wanted to give her countless days of love and security.

Written by Theresa Blangiforti

Edited by Bob Stone

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