Janet learned from her local rescue in South Carolina about Hazel, a dog who was next in line for euthanization in a high-kill shelter. Hazel had been left behind when her owner’s mobile home was repossessed. Chained to a stake in the ground, Hazel was without food, water or shelter when animal control found her. Rushing to the shelter, Janet got to Hazel and rescued her in the nick of time. Looking older than her five years, it is believed Hazel had suffered through years of neglect long before she was abandoned.

Because the shelter which had Hazel had no medical budget, Janet immediately drove her to a veterinarian for vaccinations and tests. Hazel was heartworm, ringworm and hookworm positive. The vet also found a tumor on her back left leg. With the help of an ISF Medical Emergency Grant, Hazel underwent surgery and had her tumor removed. Tests after surgery show Hazel’s cancer had not spread and her biopsy came back negative. Janet wrote to ISF saying, “We have had her for two weeks and she is growing more curious and the worry is easing from her eyes. She does not like to be left alone (even when one of us is in another room). She looks to have had several litters of puppies. The greatest joy has been seeing her realize that she is safe and taken care of.”

After Surgery Hazel began to feel better and her general health improved. She has gone from abandoned and dejected to healthy, happy, smart and playful.  Janet said, “She is proof that rescue dogs who get a little bit of time, care and medical treatment can fully recover and have a second chance at a loving, fulfilling life. We are so glad she found her way to us!”