If there is one thing sadder than an abandoned pet, it’s a pet who has also been abused and neglected. Helushka is a 4-year old male Boxer who was a victim of neglect, before being surrendered to Pike County Animal Shelter in August, 2015.

There, it was determined he needed extensive medical care so Stray Animal Adoption (SAA) was contacted to help with his care and treatment.

Upon examination, it was noted Helushka was extremely malnourished weighing just 45 lbs. It was also noted he had severe UTI, kennel cough, an ear infection, skin lesions, skin masses and cancerous internal masses.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation was contacted to provide a grant for this boy’s treatment. It was approved and treatment commenced which entailed the removal of several masses on Helushka’s chest and scrotum. He was also treated for his UTI. Helushka then had a second surgery to remove two preputial masses and he has since recovered.

This one blue and one brown-eyed boy refused to give up on life and was placed in foster care with his foster mother, Brooke. During this time, he became socialised and started to trust again, one cuddle at a time. He is an affectionate and gentle soul who loves all humans, ranging from the very old to the very young.

Helushka has been medically cleared and adopted by a very loving family, consisting of two human parents and one fur brother, also from the Stray Animal Adoption Program.

We wish you so much love and happiness in this beautiful family union.

Writen by: Popi Doukakis

Edited by: Bob Stone