How Youth Can Fundraise for ISF

There are many ways in which kids and teens can be involved, participate and empower themselves within ISF. One of the most influential and fun ways to be impactful is to organize a fundraiser benefiting ISF! Please remember, you must get your parents permission to start a fundraiser.

"But is it hard to start a fundraiser since I'm a kid?"

Meet Mason, a long time supporter and ISF youth volunteer. Mason has organized several ISF fundraisers and for his birthday this year, he created a Facebook fundraiser asking for donations instead of gifts! We appreciate your generosity and support Mason! You did awesome.

"Hi I’m Mason and for my 13th Birthday, I wanted to do something for my favourite foundation, ISF. So I started a birthday fundraiser, I wanted to raise £100. I made the fundraiser on Facebook so my friends and family could help me as a 13th Birthday gift to reach my £100 goal. My friends and family got me to £199 !!! Awesome !!! ISF means the world to me and what it stands for, I stand for. Let’s continue to keep making a change cause if we don’t our planet and its creatures will be lost to us. Thank you, everyone, love you all :)"

Another ISF Youth volunteer, Allison, did a fundraiser for her birthday, too!

"For my birthday this year, I wanted to do something meaningful, but I didn't know what. One day I signed on to my Facebook account and saw that for my birthday I was given an opportunity to create my own fundraiser for a non-profit organization. I thought this was a perfect idea. I chose The Ian Somerhalder Foundation because it is a foundation that I am personally a part of and familiar with. I also chose it because I love their message, work, and opportunities involving youth, the environment, and emergency animal grants. I really didn't know how successful my fundraiser was going to be. I didn't set my goal to $200 right off the bat because I didn't want people to feel overwhelmed by the large goal and not donate as a result, so I started off with a small goal. The next thing I knew, people were starting to donate. I had to readjust my goal several times because I had already exceeded my previous goals. I also think it is important for others to "share" a fundraiser on Facebook because then it can circulate even more! In the end, I love that I got to contribute and help a non-profit organization that I love! " 


Adult ISF volunteer, Candi, chose ISF donations has her birthday gifts this year!

"My name is Candi Fair. I have volunteered with the Youth Focus Area for the past 4 years now. I was really excited to be given the chance, through Facebook, to “ Donate” my birthday this year to my favorite foundation, ISF! Giving back to a foundation that has given me so much for these past 4 years was really a no-brainer! Participating in teaching, guiding and helping our Youth develop their individual voices and helping them be the ultimate change makers is a beautiful, wonderful fulfilling experience. Giving back to a foundation that has given me the chance to experience that with these awesome individuals is definitely the icing on the proverbial cake and Facebook made that possible!" 



Would you like to do a fundraiser for ISF? Here are some simple tips to get started!

There are currently 2 types of Fundraisers:

1. Start a Fundraiser Through Our Website - This is great for in-person fundraisers or something unique!

2. Start a Facebook Fundraiser - This is so simple! And 100% of the money raised is donated to ISF.


Tips & Ideas When Planning a Fundraiser

Long time supporter, volunteer and fundraiser, Stéphanie Berner, recommends the below tips for making your fundraiser successful. Thank you, Stéphanie!

  • Set objectives - What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to inspire? Where will you focus your efforts?

  • Set deadlines - They will motivate you, your team and your donors. Deadlines will keep you organized and motivated to reach each step in time.
  • Make a list - What materials do you need? (ingredients, slideshows, photos, materials, etc)

  • Get help - Reach out to people in your community, family, friends and neighbors. Make a team with other passionate people wanting to help. Remember, you will need an adult to help for some of the tasks.

  • Spread the word - Make online flyers, go to local businesses, blast social media and send emails. Tell your team to talk about your fundraiser at school/work, with their friends, etc... The more people involved, the more donations you will get!

  • Visually eye-catching and engaging - Use photographs and videos, your fundraiser will be more attractive. Infographics are a great way to teach information, too!
  • Thank your donors - They will really appreciate it and a happy donor will donate again :-)

  • Be tenacious and positive! Every effort counts!

And, of course, don't forget to HAVE FUN!


Written by Youth Volunteers Mason and Allison

Volunteers Candi Fair and Stephanie Berner

Edited by Heidi Trace & Jules Trace

ISF depends on your support to continue to provide education and programs in support of Creatures, the Environment and Youth. Please consider donating today.