I Did It: Green Your Wedding

One of the most important moments in someone’s life is…his/her wedding day! Are you planning or simply dreaming about your wedding? Here are some tips to help make it “green”!

Start with invitations

You can choose something handmade and/or use recycled paper – and, plantable wedding invitations are available too. Each invitation is printed on plantable seed paper that grows wildflowers once you plant it! Don’t you think that’s AMAZING?

How to “green” your location

Choose a location near your home in order to avoid transportation and reduce your carbon footprint. Make sure organic food and wine will be served, and if you really want to be “green,” it’s better to choose summer; you can organize an outdoor wedding and save energy.

One of the most important choices for a bride: the wedding gown!

If you are a bride who not only loves your fiancé, but also the environment, you can choose a gown made by natural materials, like linoleum or hemp. Are you a nostalgic one? You can modify your mum’s or your granny’s gown! Being vintage and reusing material is another way to help the environment.

A must-have: the bride’s bouquet!

If you really don’t want to give up fresh flowers, choose local and seasonal ones. Otherwise, you can opt for a recycled paper or fabric flower bouquet – or even dare with another type made with…buttons!

Eco-friendly wedding favors

Sometimes newlyweds have a custom of giving a wedding favor to their guests at the end of the party. You can choose cruelty free and vegan soaps, organic honey or seeds. You can also plant a tree for each of your guests through some projects, whose aim is to reduce our carbon footprint and to give value to the work of farmers in developing countries.

Finally… bon voyage: the honeymoon!

Now it is time to relax! Opt for an eco-friendly destination where you can spend your time with local people. You can go to Brazil and visit the Amazon Rainforest or Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland that is home to incredible wildlife. In Kenya you can meet fantastic animals and a warm, local population; if you are interested in marine life, Indonesia is the place for you. You can choose fantastic destinations, keeping in mind our keyword: NATURE. 

Creating a “green” wedding can have a positive impact on our planet and also save you money – so why don’t you make it ECO-friendly and ECOnomical?

Photo Credit: Paper Flowers created by Pina Iannone.

Written by: Rosa Anna Rita ‘Rosanna’ Costanzo – ISF Italian Translation Team