I Did It: Preparing for Green Holidays

As the holidays approach, I dread the clean-up of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and other gift packaging material. I also dread the clean-up of food—the aluminum foil, plastic sandwich bags, and plastic grocery bags used to haul food back to our house to refrigerate.

This holiday season, I have decided instead of using wrapping paper for gifts, I will “wrap” them in reusable bags. I started “wrapping” birthday presents in reusable bags this year, and it has made things so much easier. Sure, we can reuse birthday and gift bags for other occasions, but all they do is take up space in our closets; they rip and get wrinkled to the point where they are no longer usable. So I decided to get reusable bags that are cute and can be used for multiple reasons. Plus, they are usually cheaper than birthday bags. This year I will find nice, reusable bags that can be used for groceries, travel totes, and more. This will save on clean-up and we won’t be wasting paper. I mean, how often can you really reuse wrapping paper?

As far as food clean-up, I have started bringing Tupperware and reusable bags to family functions where I know there will be a decent amount of leftovers – at least enough for people to take home. This has saved on foil and plastic bags. For the holidays this year, I will continue to bring these, as well as extra for anyone who may need them. Plastic bags tend to leak and food often begins to get a plastic taste after a short amount of time. What better way than to put them into reusable containers that can also be warmed up?

The holidays are always a fun, relaxing time well spent with family and loved ones. So why not cut some of the stress out by going green this holiday season? I hope to save time, money, and energy this season with my new and improved green holiday methods! 

  -Photo Credit: Paige L. & Thiffany Belda; Collage by Paige L.

-Written by: Melissa C.