I Did It: Reuse & Decorate

Since I was little, my passion has been (and will always be) art. I believe art can impact so much because it changes souls and touches people, whether it's poetry, writing, painting, acting or music. I also believe we can change a lot with our skills and creativity.

I love decorating my room – I paint, write songs I love, and paste pictures and quotes on the wall. I truly love creating things and imagining designs. My mom always washes cork dishes that come with dessert, so we can reuse them as we want. I got the idea to collect some of them, and then paint them to decorate my room.

Last year, I printed so many papers for my courses, but no longer needed them once the year ended. I thought, why throw them away when I can paint the back of them and write down some of my favorite songs?

Before we get rid of something or throw it away, we all need to ask ourselves, “Can we reuse it?” “Can we make it useful again?”

I really love how we can change the world through our skills and our passions. Recycling and reusing different things in your home is a really important way you can be friendly to the environment. When I do this it makes me feel like I'm making a difference and that I'm showing my love and gratitude to the environment, even with little things. I love this generation – we can create change, make an impact and we can protect this planet and its creatures, together.

Your love for the environment is not about posting pictures of the sea, flowers or landscapes, you have to respect every living creature. You have to think about how to use everything in your life in a friendly way, because you're not living on this earth by yourself. There are living creatures with you, and some who have been here long before you. Please be compassionate and learn to give more than you take. Love the Earth.

-Photo Credit: Pictures by Jomana Mohamed; collage by Paige L.

-Written by: Jomana Mohamed