I Did It: Reusing Plastic to Create Art

I was thinking of doing this for a while and yesterday I finally did it, I made art with plastic! Instead of throwing the plastic away and wasting it, I thought, “Why not use it in an environmentally friendly way that won't cost much?” I just needed colors, adhesive tape, plastic straws, and paperboard. I love this so much. I love nature, but we don't need to just say I love nature, we need to ACT! We all can change! Everything we can do, big or small…it makes a change...it inspires...it impacts.

I'm an 18 year old girl and I see what I've done over here is a really small thing but a big thing at the same time! I see it as a small thing to show the environment how grateful we are for her and that we care and we listen to her. We can change it all. We can act. And it is a big thing to impact, to move people and to offer ideas that can change a lot and impact more.

When you act, you make a huge difference and that's what we all need—to change. We as a youth are a new generation. We make changes, we get mad, we rebel. We're trying and we're never bored of that fire inside of us. We can't be desperate or tired of this, because no one else is going to change this world and make it a better place other than us. We're living on this planet and we must save it and keep it safe...not just for us but for our children and grandchildren. We can do it, even in simple ways and small steps! To me this is our mission and I'm never going to be tired or bored of it. In this life you just need to find your fire and hold on to it. To me this is my fire...make it yours…and change. ‪#‎ISF ‪#‎ISFpower ‪#‎ISFGreen2016

-Photo Credit: Pictures by Jomana Mohamed; collage by Paige L.

-Written by: Jomana Mohamed