I Did It: Road Clean-up

In 2013, I bought my own house in my home city, Shawinigan Falls, in Mauricie, Quebec, Canada. Finally, I can have a dog with me!! We started walking the street along the highway, all surrounded by nature, trees, and even deer sometimes! But sadly, everybody stopping by was throwing their trash on the edge of the road. It was really disgusting. 

At the corner of the main street there was a big pile of garbage. I don't know why, but people were stopping their car to throw all their trash in this place. So after a year of seeing nobody do something about it, I picked up a big trash bag and cleaned this spot. I brought the bag home and threw it in my own garbage.

But there was something else; all along that same street was dirty too. So I picked up another bag and cleaned it up as well. The bag wasn't full enough so I attached it to the railing at the corner of the road.

One year passed and another one. We are in 2016 and now a bunch of people are cleaning the road when they're taking a walk. And this year, I've got the surprise—the bag was being changed when it was full. The road is really clean now! It's a great place to walk and enjoy nature. The field is now cleaner than before and it's more fun to enjoy it. I can pick wild strawberries this year and make muffins!!!   

Like my first experience, I don't know any of these people and we don't even see each other, but we were working together for the same thing—a great and clean place where it is good to live.

Here in the province of Quebec, Recyc-Quebec gives refund money when we bring back aluminum cans and bottles. The amount is around 5¢ to 30¢ for each one. Now that I know the existence of the IS Foundation, all refundable trash cans I find, I will keep the money over the year and donate to ISF. I sent 20 bucks this past spring.  It's a little amount but I hope this could still help the foundation.

-Photo Credit: Pictures by Kathleen Bellemare; Collage by Paige L.

-Written by: Kathleen Bellemare (Guest Contributor)