I Did It: Taking the Solar Approach

Solar!! What is it? Solar power is a source of reusable energy taken directly from the sun that can supply electricity and heat into a home. And that’s exactly what we did!! My family and I added 22 solar panels to our home to generate reusable energy and not only are we saving money, we are helping the environment.

When we started researching, we discovered just how many solar companies are out there, which made it interesting to find the right one. We spoke with a few of them and every company had their own approach to the technology. In the end, they were all the same; they all aimed to save money and help the environment. Once we decided with the company of choice, we really started seeing the savings based on our power needs. Not to mention, the local power company gives us a rebate along with federal tax credit rebates. It was a no-brainer really. You’re going to give us money for us to already save money and help our environment? Okay, deal!

We just received our first full month electric bill and it was nice to see a 50% savings! Living in Texas, we see more sunny days than cloudy so we’re looking forward, as summer approaches, to seeing all the savings!     

-Photo Credit: Ashley L.

-Written by: Michele R.  (Guest Contributor)