It's a Pit Bull's Life - Nolan

My name is Piper. I am 10 years old and I would like to tell you about my friend Hallie and her wonderful Pit Bull named Nolan, who is also 10 years old.

Did you know some of us humans can be very mean because we mistreat and abuse animals for entertainment and at times even for profit? You see, Nolan was used for dog fighting. Dog fighting is just one example of how humans abuse animals. The larger more aggressive dogs are taught to be fighters and to kill the other dogs. Sadly the smaller, more timid or less aggressive dogs are used as the bait dog to get the other dogs wound up or to train the fighters. The bait dogs are attacked over and over and sometimes killed by the lead fighting dogs. Nolan was a bait dog for several years.

The local Humane Society received a call from a neighbor and when they went to the location the owner surrendered him.  Nolan was chained up, malnourished,  had his teeth filed down, scars and cuts all over his face, back and back off his legs. He also had a prolapsed rectum and was immediately taken to the vet for emergency surgery. Sadly, no charges were brought against the previous owner of Nolan. Nolan was estimated to be about 4 years old at the time of his surrender.

Hallie started volunteering at the Humane Society and was drawn to Pit Bulls while volunteering there as she never was around them before and everyone seemed so negative about them in the media. She was determined to find out why. Instead of being afraid of them, she fell in love with them. She was drawn to their wagging tales and uncontrollable kisses. Hallie has 3 dachshunds and 2 cats at home.

Hallie was working at the Humane Society the day the Humane Agents got the call about Nolan. He was immediately taken to the vet for surgery for his prolapsed rectum so she was only able to see pictures of him at first. A couple days later she went out and met him in person and fell in love. “He had been through so much, but he was still so sweet and so forgiving,” she said. He loved the kittens/cats that were around him at the shelter and would cuddle.  He had to be spoon fed and was so gentle. He was amazing with the other animals and workers/volunteers at the Humane Society. She ended up fostering him on the weekends for about 3 weeks before she brought him home permanently. Her husband grew up in an area where they fought pit bulls. If you owned them, it was for protection or for fighting so he was against bringing one into their home, especially with dachshunds in the house. Once he met Nolan and they started fostering him, he changed his mind on pit bulls completely.

It has been hard for Hallie as they have definitely been treated negatively in public when they have Nolan out with them. She always tries to turn it into a learning experience for those who are afraid of them and challenges them to give him a chance so they can see how pit bulls really are.

When people hear Nolan’s story about being a bait dog she feels a lot of people think “bait” dogs or “abused” dogs cannot be a family member once they have been through such horrific conditions. They think that they will always have some level of aggression or will turn on you at any moment however, that cannot be further from the truth. Look at Nolan. He went from a terrified, unconfident dog to a loving, confident family member. “I can take him anywhere with me and he is always perfectly behaved. The more people, the more children, and the more dogs the happier he is. He even loves farm animals!” said Hallie.

Hallie feels that anyone could have taken Nolan home and showed him love and attention but they were the lucky ones who get to live every day with him. She was looking for something in her life to focus on and to be passionate about and here came Nolan. They saved each other and she became a crazy pit bull lady who will do anything to educate people on these amazing dogs. Because of Nolan she will always rescue pit bulls.

Pit bulls are dogs just like any other dog. They are not wired differently and they deserve to be loved and to be family members just like all breeds do. They are wonderful with children and other animals. They are highly intelligent and are now being used more and more as K9 police dogs. There is a reason why so many people fight for these amazing dogs and it is not because they are vicious!

Nolan when he was removed by human agents.


Nolan now with his family!




Written by Youth Volunteer Piper

Edited by Bob Stone


A "Pit Bull" is NOT a real breed! There are many breeds that are labeled "Pit Bull" including the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.