In June of 2015, Jack, a four year old Australian Shepherd, was found wondering the neighborhood of a dog lover named Sissy. Jack was matted, dirty and obviously hungry. Sissy put dog food and water out for him for a couple of days to gain his trust. Once they both felt comfortable, Sissy brought him into her home, gave him a bath and cut off all of his matted fur. Hoping to find his owners, Sissy posted Jack’s photo on several website’s and had her veterinarian scan him for a microchip. Sadly, all efforts to find Jack’s former home came up fruitless.

Sissy had her vet do an annual exam on Jack to see if he was healthy and to give him all his required vaccinations. Unfortunately, Jack’s heartworm test came back positive. Sissy wrote to ISF, “I already have 2 dogs but never planned to have but one dog. I have a Weimaraner, Oskar, who is 5 years old. When my mother died in September, I brought her Golden Retriever mix, Lucy, age 8 to live with us. They are both seen yearly at the Vet and are on flea and tick prevention and heartworm prevention. Jack will be also. Jack did not deserve this and it is tragic that he was thrown away. He has already taken to our family (me and Oskar and Lucy) as we have to him. He is a very loving animal and has a gentleness about him. He fits right in and we will love and care for him.” Sissy took care of all the costs, including treating Jack for roundworms, but reached out to ISF for a Medical Grant to help cover the expensive cost of his heartworm treatment. ISF gave Sissy a grant to help her very sweet new dog.

Jack was a good dog through his heartworm treatment. After each shot, he was a little sore and had trouble getting comfortable. Through it all, though, Sissy reported to ISF he remained sweet and gentle. As Jack began to feel better and get regular meals, his weight went from 44lbs to 50lbs. He also began to bond with the other two dogs in the home, Oskar and Lucy. Sissy wrote ISF, “They all get along beautifully and Jack has become one of the family. It was really almost instantaneous.  It was meant to be. We all love him very much. I am very thankful for your help.” In January of 2016, Jack was retested and pronounced heartworm free.

Of Jack coming into Sissy’s life, she told ISF, “I feel that my heart has increased in size. I fell in love with Jack instantly.  I also feel good because I know that I really did save his life. He doesn't know that and he doesn't owe me anything...but I was able to help him and he is a beautiful, precious animal.” She continues, “Jack is happy and safe and warm.  He gets regular meals, twice a day and a denta-stix every morning...no more rummaging through trash cans.  He has a regular heartworm preventative and flea and tick treatment monthly. He has 2 buddies, Oskar and Lucy, and they play and rest together outside in the back yard (fenced) during the day while I am at work and he stays inside at night.  His friends Olive, Sadie and Mattie come to visit on a regular basis. He has a forever home and is loved very much!”


Written by Veronica Hampton

Edited by Bob Stone