“Of all the paths you take in life make sure some of them are dirt” – John Muir

Life can be hectic. Every day we make important decisions at work and at home. Sometimes we need to literally step outside of our daily responsibilities. Outdoor activities can be cathartic. Whether we decide to walk on trails, paths or roads we can rejuvenate in nature, but we never know what lies ahead as we continue to walk along.

In March 2016, a cardboard box was found on a dirt road in Liberty County, Georgia. Its contents would reveal an appalling event had taken place. The tattered cardboard box contained a severely injured puppy and her three deceased siblings. The County Animal Control facility was not able to provide any medical care for the puppy, therefore a rescue group was needed or the puppy would be euthanized. Animal Control reached out to Carpathia Paws in Hinesville and they agreed to rescue her. The puppy, Jaimee, was immediately transported to the veterinarian. She was covered with maggots and her leg appeared broken. Sadly, these medical problems were not Jaimees only injuries. She also had a hole in her chest/neck area. The veterinarian immediately hospitalized Jaimee and put her on IV fluids and medication. X-rays revealed she had extensive damage to her upper jaw and nasal passage. Unfortunately, her leg needed to be amputated.  To everyone’s horror it was determined Jaimee and her siblings were shot and left for dead. A specialist would need to evaluate Jaimee and hopefully provide her with the help she desperately needed. Jaimee’s medical bills were mounting, but the rescuers pushed forward. Jaimee was brought to Dr. Aragon, in Orange Park, FL, who gave them hope Jaimee could be helped. Carpathia Paws, previous ISF grantees, was determined to get Jaimee healthy and help her make a full recovery. They reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for financial assistance and were awarded an Emergency Medical Grant for Jaimee.

Jaimee underwent reconstructive surgery of her upper right jaw, her front right leg was amputated and she was seen by an ophthalmologist to address the trauma to her eye. Jaimee’s surgeries were successful. Carpathia Paws had this to say, “Jaimee recuperated incredibly well, little fighter girl.” Previous adopters of Carpathia Paws had been following Jaimee’s story from day one and fell in love with her. In May 2016, Jaimee found her forever home in New Jersey with them and three fur brothers and sisters. Carpathia Paws saidthey learned to never give up and they “are certain Jaimee is in for…Love.”

Of all the paths to take, we are so thankful a decision was made to travel down the dirt road leading to Jaimee and saving her life.

Written by Theresa Blangiforti

Edited by Bob Stone

 ISF Grantee Jaimee  ISF Grantee Jaimee

 ISF Grantee Jaimee  ISF Grantee Jaimee

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