Jameson, Pink, Opal and Brandy

The New England Humane Society (NEHS) pulled and committed to Jameson, Pink, Opal and Brandy as the dogs were set to be euthanized in a Georgia shelter. Once rescued, all four tested positive for Heartworm. The shelter which the pit bull dogs came from has a bad reputation and all four were underweight, neglected and sick. The NEHS often pulls the pit bull breed because they say this breed is hard to place and seem to be most in need. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation granted NEHS funds to help these four young dogs with their Heartworm treatment.

Jameson, Pink, Opal and Brandy responded well to treatment and soon were medically cleared to be transported to New England where they made a full recovery in foster homes. Once healthy, NEHS put Jameson, Pink, Opal and Brandy up for adoption. Three were adopted into new forever homes and one stayed with his foster mother. The NEHS states that 90% of the dogs they rescue have a health issue. For them, a treatable disease such as Heartworm is no reason to not save a dog. They plan to continue pulling dogs regardless of health status.

Picture: Jameson from shelter dog to recovered.