Jinx, the Snowshoe Siamese cat, got himself in quite the predicament. This 3-year-old boy inadvertently saved his own life before receiving the treatment and surgery he so desperately needed.

The Riley County Humane Society was asked to take Jinx from the local municipal shelter because he was not doing very well there. Although there were no medical conditions noted, it was observed this little guy was agitated and uncomfortable. Riley County was relieved to have Jinx in their care because shortly after he was sent to be neutered, it was discovered Jinx had chewed off the tip of his penis. Why, you ask? Well, tests showed he had crystals in his urine which would have prevented Jinx from urinating, hence, chewing off his privates created an opening which saved his life.

This, however, would only give temporary relief and Jinx had done considerable damage to himself in the process, so surgery was needed. If left unattended, the wounds would heal and scar tissue would form and close all the openings he made.

The surgery Jinx undertook was a Perineal Urethrostomy. A part of the penis is removed and the more expanded section of the urethra is then opened up and sutured to the surrounding skin to widen the urethral orifice. A medical grant was approved by ISF and the surgery took place on October 30, 2015. Jinx healed up beautifully shortly after the surgery and was doing very well.

Jinx has a good friend Mojo who was surrendered along with him, from the same home. Neither really liked any other animals, except each other; so it stood to reason they should be adopted out together, since they were very bonded. It was taking a little longer to find these two boys a forever home so they were moved to Petsmart’s cat adoption room for a few weeks. There they met a single woman with no pets. The three have bonded and the boys are doing great with her at their forever home.

ISF wishes them a very happy life and many years together.

Writen by Popi Doukakis

Edited by Bob Stone