ISF Grantee Joshy

Joshy was just another senior dog who some heartless human neglected and then threw away.  A 10 year old poodle mix, he was brought into a southern California shelter in very poor condition.  At first glance, Joshy appeared to be malnourished and dirty, but a thorough examination revealed a severely ingrown toenail which resulted in amputation, an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection.  Joshy was just a sweet boy who needed some help, but with no prospects for a forever home, his future seemed pretty bleak.  With Joshy’s time almost up, the Orange County Pet Rescue Center (PRC) happened to make a visit to the shelter.  They took one look at this sweet boy, with matted fur and shaking in fear, and knew they had to save him.  

In addition to the evident health problems he was suffering, Joshy also had arthritis in his hip and severe dental decay.  His arthritis could be treated with medication, but the dental decay was not so simple.  After being evaluated by Dr. Matthew Wheaton from Alicia Pet Care Center, it was determined Joshy would need several extractions.  Anyone who has dogs knows veterinary dental work is very expensive because animals must be put under general anesthesia.  If you’ve ever tried to brush a dog’s teeth, then you know why general anesthesia is necessary for extensive work.

Jan, PRC’s Business Development Director, who previously worked with ISF’s grant program for another dog in need, wasted no time in applying for a grant to help Joshy.  With our help, Joshy received the dental work he needed and made a full recovery from his other issues as well.  The change this dog made with just a little love from some caring humans was amazing – he looks like a different dog!  And thank you to the Orange County Register’s column “Pet of the Week” who made it possible  to find his forever home where he is now thriving.  The day before Joshy was adopted by a single lady, ISF’s Grant Team Coordinator, Veronica, met Joshy and gave him some ISF love.  Another one of ISF’s grantees lives happily ever after.

Writen By: Shandra Locken

Edited By: Bob Stone



  Grantee Joshy and ISF Veronica  Grantee Joshy and adoptive mom 

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