ISF Grantee JulesWhen Camp Cocker Rescue, a cocker spaniel-oriented rescue, received an email from the animal shelter regarding a puppy hit by a car they didn’t expect to meet such a sweet little Husky. Julie aka Jules was barely six months and had already been through a lot. She was unable to bear weight on her hind leg because of a femur fracture just above her knee which needed surgical repair.

Camp Cocker Rescue took Jules under immediate custody. To help offset the cost of surgery, they filled out a grant application with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to share Jules’ compelling story and find extra help. They said: “Jules has a sweet temperament, she shows lots of affection and wants to be very active despite her injury. She loves receiving human interaction, and is very playful despite being in severe pain and discomfort”.

At the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, we couldn't resist such a brave little angel who was still trusting humans to help her after being wounded and abandoned.

The surgery appeared not to be an easy one. The vet repaired her femoral fracture which required a cross pin fixation to stabilize it. This fixation was later removed to allow normal growth of the bones.

After the surgery, Jules was sent to a canine physical therapy center so she could recover smoothly without running or jumping. This took eight weeks and in the meantime, she received gentle physical therapy and acupuncture for healing and pain management.

We bet that time was not fun for a bouncy puppy full of energy like Jules. Yet, she did very well, helped by a lot of interaction for mental stimulation. Soon, she was able to bear weight on her injured leg.

A few weeks after her first surgery, Jules went through the final surgery to remove the pin, which was also a success. Shortly after, Jules found her forever home where she could go to finish healing.

Linda from Camp Cocker Rescue wrote to ISF: “Jules, now Bee has found a wonderful forever home. Through our diligent application process, we wanted to make sure we found the perfect match for her. Since she was not a cocker spaniel, which we are so used to rescuing, we had to really research the Siberian Husky breed, and what their needs are. Her adopters are fitness and nutrition specialists/trainers and have the understanding, and the capability to manage her energy level, and are able to meet the exercise demands, and diet needs she requires to keep her happy and healthy!

Jules/Bee is now in the amazing hands of a family who fell in love with her and declared “she is simply a joy to be around”.

ISF Grantee Jules



Written by Hélène Bienaimé

Edited by Bob Stone

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