Karla's work to help the Elephants

Think globally, act locally. You’ve probably already heard these words. First used in the business world as an ultimate motto of progressively growing companies, and now influencing people in various areas of life.

I’ve intentionally spoken this magical quote on more than one occasion during the past two years, usually in means of showing people that just thinking about our “problems”–including our dreams and visions–is never enough (although it’s a good start). Even Albert Einstein, when he was in the middle of writing down his theory of relativity, had to take a break and go play his piano. He had to do something real; put things and his own body into a certain sort of motion.

A year back, as I felt desperate to do more for the world around me, I decided to follow and create the kind of activism which puts thoughts into motion and moves people forward, in both a literal and nonliteral way. Not only did I realize that the Czech Republic is full of extraordinary individuals who, step by step, contribute to changing the world but I also found out that it’s more than possible to become one of those people.

That’s why, more than a half year back, I agreed to join a Czech non-profit organization called Save-Elephants founded and coordinated by Arthur F. Sniegon. To put it simply, Save-Elephants is a team of passionate change makers from all around the Czech Republic whose goal is to save elephants and thus help African wildlife not just survive but also heal. For several years now, together with a PCR sniffer dog team our volunteers have been working in Central Africa on saving elephants, stopping the ivory trade and poaching. We also devote a lot of time to our own campaigns, including the beehive fence barrier project which protects farmers’ fields from Elephants, thus eliminating the farmer/elephant conflict.  Another project is the GPS elephant collar project which detects gunshots to alert animal control and rangers, making the actual process of saving animals from being killed by poachers much more effective and easier.

Since I joined the team of Save-Elephants and started contributing to their work through ways of crowd fundraising, campaign and social media managing, I’ve been motivated to actually do more; to think of better solutions, involve myself and own the responsibility over my own actions. Upon feeling desperate to help refugees from all parts of the world, I’ve also recently joined Amnesty International Ostrava, the team of four brave women/humanists who study at University of Ostrava and dedicate their lives to helping people, no matter the gender, sexuality, religious view, race or nationality. We’ve already organized our first project and are currently working on several others with the intention to raise awareness about various important issues connected to human rights activism.

My personal goal is to not just become the change, but also help others to turn their own visions into reality.  

Written by Karla Rohova


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