Imagine spending seven years of your life trapped in a tiny room, practically neglected, only being used for one purpose. After you could no longer produce, you were no longer needed. Kassidy is an eight-year-old Pomeranian who found herself in this situation. She spent the first seven years of her life in a puppy mill where she was kept in a tiny kennel, her sole purpose being to continue breeding. After all these years, Kassidy, along with two other Pomeranians, was about to be “disposed” of since she could no longer produce puppies.

Pawsitively Pom Rescue heard about this situation and took action by stepping in and taking all three Pomeranians into their protection. Scared, nervous, constantly pacing and circling, Kassidy was taken to the vet. It was clearly evident Kassidy had major damage in her right rear leg. X-rays confirmed her hip was dislocated and both patella’s were out of place. Her femur had lost most of its bone density, had severe curvature, and the patella on the right rear leg was fused out of place. Due to this, her leg could not be saved and would need to be amputated. The orthopedic specialist also decided she would need to have the left patella repaired at the same time. Since she had already been walking on three legs for so long, he believed she had built up enough muscle tone to handle both surgeries at the same time. In need of financial assistance, the rescue group reached out to ISF for a Medical Emergency Grant. Given the grant, Kassidy was able to proceed with the surgeries.

After both surgeries were performed and a few days had passed, Kassidy returned to her foster home where she was kept comfortable and her pain managed. She required physical therapy exercises twice a day and ice afterwards. Two weeks later Kassidy had her stiches removed and all incisions healed nicely. Kassidy proved to be a strong little girl as she recovered much quicker than expected. Amanda, from Pawsitively Pom Rescue, wrote to ISF saying, “On the third day after discharge Kassidy was walking so well on her leg and surprised us all. She also allows her therapy to be conducted without any issue.”

This sweet girl quickly caught the eye of an adopter who fell in love with her immediately. After her stitch removal, Kassidy went to her forever home where her new mom worked with her daily to ensure she was healing properly. Kassidy even has a Pom brother, Pierre! “Kassidy had an amazing spirit through her entire rescue from start to finish and now she is the happiest, most pampered Pom we know,” wrote Amanda. This brave girl is enjoying her new life with her forever family and soaking up all the love she can get.

Written by Francesca Pollio

Edited by Bob Stone



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