ISF Grantee KhaleesiIn many parts of the country, springtime is a warm, welcomed breeze following the long winter months. It seems to breathe new life into the world. It is a time of blooming trees and flowers painting beautiful colors into nature’s landscape. It is a time of family gatherings, Holidays, coloring eggs and Easter baskets. It is a good time for many, but not for bunnies. Khaleesi was one of those bunnies.

Khaleesi, a young, unspayed, female, Mini Rex Mix was found by animal control after being abandoned outside. Animal Control brought her to a shelter where it was determined she was about 6 months to 1 year of age. It was very obvious she had been a pet. Sadly, it was highly likely she had been an Easter gift. She was found in a state of agony as she had an open infected wound with protruding bones on her front leg. Khaleesi’s severe injuries prompted the shelter to contact Lilly’s Legacy Foundation, a special needs bunny rescue, with the hope she could be rescued and get the surgery she so desperately needed. The rescue brought Khaleesi to Harbor Animal Hospital for an examination. She was on pain medications and antibiotics to stop the infection. It was determined the bone of the compound fracture was dead and her skin was necrotic. The only option was leg amputation.

As a prior Ian Somerhalder Foundation Grant Recipient, Lilly’s Legacy Foundation reached out for help with the cost of Khalessi’s medical costs. Lilly’sISF Grantee Khaleesi Legacy Foundation said, “Even though this little bunny is in horrible pain, she still loves to be held. She is very affectionate and sad. Her humans betrayed her.” An ISF Emergency Medical Care Grant for Animals was awarded for Khaleesi’s medical care.

Khaleesi’s front leg was amputated and she reportedly healed “amazingly well.” When she was first rescued the Rescue said, “She wouldn’t eat and was in so much pain she would only sit in one place. She was miserable and had been living this way for quite some time.” Thankfully, Khaleesi did not experience any setbacks during her recuperation. Personal friends of the rescue committed to become Khaleesi’s family. Following spay surgery she was adopted into the “most amazing forever home and would be bonded with other bunny friends.”

Lilly’s Legacy Foundation shared these beautiful words with ISF, “Khaleesi was loving and fought for her life every single day. She survived and thrived because of the help from the IS Foundation. She is just one of the many lives you save. We are extremely grateful for your kindness and generosity. Thank you so very much!”

According to National Geographic, widespread misunderstanding of domestic rabbits has made them one of the most abandoned pets in the United States. People abandon many rabbits outdoors; likely unaware this is a death sentence. Domestic rabbits lack the survival instincts of their wild cousins and are unable to fight infection, build safe shelters, or adapt to heat and cold (“Here’s Why Easter Is Bad For Bunnies”, April 2017).

ISF would like to thank Lilly’s Legacy Foundation and all rescues dedicated to helping animals like Khaleesi by giving them the opportunity to live and thrive for many seasons to come.

Written by Theresa Blangiforti

Edited by Bob Stone

ISF Grantee Khaleesi

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