Litterless Lunches

On a mission to live a litter-free lifestyle, ISF Youth are focusing on "Litterless Lunches" for the school year. This subject is gaining popularity among youth everywhere. It is indeed a very important piece of our “Change the World” mindset here at ISF.  So much so, our own Volunteers are on a mission to help educate everyone on the importance of Litterless Lunches. This is not only to lessen our carbon footprint but, also, to keep our water clear of all of the plastic and trash from accumulating when it is not recycled or disposed of properly.

Did you know that the average student who packs a plastic filled and throw away lunch generates 66 lbs. of waste per school year?! THAT COULD BE 20,000 - 40,000 LBS OF WASTE PER AVERAGE SCHOOL! With ISF focusing on waterways, you, as students, can make a giant decrease in water polution just by what you use in your lunches every day.

Just changing out a few items in your daily packed lunch can make a huge difference. From packing reusable water bottles instead of plastic bottled water to buying bulk foods and snacks instead of individually packed items can cut your waste tremendously. 

 ISF Volunteers Logan & Jaxon explain in the video below how they pack their Litterless Lunches.


Our ISF YOUTH are very busy at the moment compiling lots of AWESOME ways for you to easily pack a “Litterless Lunch” .  We even have some kids proposing recycling ideas to their school administrators!!! How cool is that!! Stay tuned on our social media to see what we are up to this school year. 

Article written by Candi Fair

Graphic designed by Nicole Harbison

Edited by Bob Stone

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