Little Dude

When Jordan, a Good Samaritan living in Tennessee saw Little Dude loose behind her apartment running toward traffic, she caught him.  Although he was wearing a collar, he did not have any identification tags. She took him to a veterinarian who scanned him for a microchip, but he did not have one. Jordan then hung posters in and around her apartment complex and placed a “found dog” ad online in the hope of finding his owner. After two weeks passed with no luck, Jordan had fallen in love with the Pit Bull/ Collie mix and decided to keep him. She wrote ISF, “Little Dude absolutely loves everyone and everything, except squirrels. I plan to have him trained as a therapy dog. On the few occasions I've been able to take him to {my job as a counselor,} he sat at my feet and was nicknamed "Happy" by my clients because his tail was constantly wagging. He loves belly rubs and to give kisses.”

Unfortunately, when Jordan took Little Dude to have blood work and receive his vaccinations, he tested positive for Heartworm. Because he is only two years old and healthy, the veterinarian felt Little Dude would respond well to treatment and be able to make a full recovery. ISF gave Little Dude a Medical Emergency Grant to help him overcome his Heartworm diagnosis. After his first treatment shot, he became nauseous and was given medication to help ease the feeling.

As Little Dude began to settle into his new home, he gained weight and slept well….mostly. On occasion Little Dude would have nightmares, whimpering and crying in his sleep. Jordan believes these may have to do with dreaming of when he was on the street rather than the pain of the shots.

Little Dude received three rounds of shots to cure his Heartworm. Despite being nauseous and lethargic from the treatment, he did amazingly well.

Now recovered, Little Dude is enjoying running full speed again at dog parks and being able to play with his toys. He is also completing the necessary training to become the first therapy dog where Jordan is a counselor.

Of her experience, Jordon wrote ISF, “I've learned that patience and prayer make all the difference. Little Dude's treatment was not a "quick fix," but he's made a full recovery and was well worth the wait. My prayers were answered with financial assistance, as well as a loving four-legged companion.”


Written by Veronica Hampton

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