Lucky Lucy

ISF Grantee Lucky Lucy“Never Give Up” is a motto familiar to most of us. Mottos encapsulate beliefs and ideals which guide us through our lives. A couple of good Samaritans in Louisville, Kentucky and a resolute group of others in Cincinnati, Ohio are living examples of this motto which became their reality. On a warm Kentucky evening just before midnight on August 18, 2015 a husband and a wife were driving on a Louisville road when they witnessed a dog getting struck by a car. The driver of the car sped off with no concern for the innocent animal, struggling for life as she lay dying in the road. That innocent animal became known as Lucky, a mixed breed dog less than a year old. The couple, unable to believe what they had witnessed, stopped their van to help Lucky. They brought the dying dog to a local vet clinic who as they explained, “Examined Lucky, gave pain medication and then sent them on their way as they only had $70.” Feeling helpless and panicked after leaving the vet clinic, the couple did not give up trying to help Lucky. They spent several hours frantically trying to locate additional help for her. As luck would have it they called the Ohio SPCA. The Ohio SPCA didn’t care the emergency call came from out-of-state. They directed the couple to take the injured dog which was having difficulty breathing, to MedVet in Cincinnati, Ohio. The compassionate couple did not hesitate and drove Lucky one and a half hours to get the care she urgently needed. Lucky needed help and she hung in there until they arrived for emergency treatment. Veterinarian surgeon, Dr. Maritato examined Lucky and reported she sustained trauma to her chest, a dislocated hip and a shattered femur. In addition, veterinarians removed air surrounding her lungs twice as her lungs were collapsed. Veterinarians did not give up and worked tirelessly to stabilize Lucky so she could be moved to the surgery department. From the initial phone call about Lucky, the Ohio SPCA was unwavering in their commitment to help her. Ohio SPCA reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and received a Emergency Medical Grant to assist in alleviating the cost of Lucky’s medical care. Lucky required a femoral head ostectomy on her hip and her femur was repaired with a pin and a plate.

ISF Grantee Lucky LucyLucky, described by Dr. Maritato as “a very sweet dog”, went through such trauma and was without medical care for hours, but she never gave up. Lucky was placed in a loving foster home where she would heal from her ordeal emotionally and physically. “The family just couldn’t give her up knowing that she has settled in and was safe from harm forever.” As a result on December 15, 2015 Lucky, now known as Lucy, was officially home forever. She returned to MedVet for follow up checkups and additional x-rays to ensure the plate and pin stayed in place. She went to rehabilitation for her hind leg, as she was initially hesitant to use it.

Ohio SPCA had this to say about Lucy, “She uses it more every day. You wouldn’t know that his little girl was ever broken. She flies like the wind and loves to play. She continues to be a happy healthy much-loved canine. Lucy could very well have ended up not being so lucky. It is evident she wanted to live after being struck by the vehicle and going so many hours without medical help. We continue to be encouraged to not give up. Lucky Lucy didn’t. The Ohio SPCA is so thankful for the help received from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. You helped make this journey possible for Lucy!”

Lucy’s journey to healing can be summed up with a simple motto, “Never Give Up.” From the selfless couple showing tremendous compassion for an injured dog, the Ohio SCPA who provided guidance and made a commitment to Lucy, the Veterinarians who made every effort to save her life, her foster family turned forever family and to Lucy herself, they all never gave up.

“Never Give Up” words to truly live by. 

Written by Theresa Blangiforti

Edited by Bob Stone

ISF Grantee Lucky Lucy

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