In November of 2014, Magnum's future forever home had no idea just what a special heart awaited them. Magnum's success story starts when a kind soul from Hopkins Shelter found him helplessly abandoned on the side of the road. He was suffering from a number of serious ailments including a staph infection, severe oral problems, a retracted testicle, and stage 3 heartworms. Unable to care for Magnum themselves, they contacted the loving folks at Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP).

SAAP knew what a special dog Magnum was from the very beginning, recalling to ISF, “even in extreme pain [Magnum] was exceptionally loving and possessed a great personality”. Right from the start, they said he's been “a gigantic bundle of love to everyone” and even when he was suffering from excruciating pain, he was so happy to see help he “gave the Animal Control Officer kisses”. With Magnum requiring ongoing treatment, SAAP turned to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) for support and we were more than happy to provide assistance. Magnum received the medical help he needed to combat his heartworms. Although Magnum initially suffered a setback when he developed a seizure disorder in response to some of the heartworm treatment, his will has been strong and the disorder was mild enough so he didn't require additional medication. Happily, he is now completely recovered from heartworm and his other injuries. Everyone is amazed by Magnum's “loving, calm nature” and it's no surprise that “everyone who encounters him loves him”. In fact, Magnum was placed with an experienced and doting foster family who were all so moved by Magnum's love and unbreakable spirit they decided to adopt him and make him part of their permanent family!

Magnum's rescuers are thrilled to report, thanks to the help of ISF, and his wonderful forever home Magnum “has become a very well-adjusted, happy dog with a good future”. To ensure Magnum's continuing good health he will be monitored and given a heart echo to safeguard him from any possible problems. However, the vets are confident Magnum will thrive. His family at his forever home are sure to keep Magnum on a healthy diet and regular exercise, and he particularly loves his outdoor jogs. Magnum's rescuers at SAAP delightfully report what a joy it's been to work with Magnum and to help educate people about how loving and gentle Rottweilers can be. They say Magnum is one of their greatest success stories and they're quick to point out, despite the abuse and abandonment faced by him, he “has shown nothing but love and trust for everyone”. When Magnum smiles, “his tongue still flops out of the side his mouth, even though he has no front teeth” and he really is “SAAP's walking, loving, snuggling billboard of rescue success”.  SAAP is hopeful that Magnum's gentle and loving nature will help “open the door” for rescues of all dogs, regardless of breed, and they're optimistic with his sweet temperament, he will change “hearts and minds about large breed dogs”. Healthy and happy, Magnum has certainly found his place as an important member of a “family full of love and laughter”.


Written by: Brandy Delilah Anderson

Edited by: Bob Stone