Malik is an attractive orange tabby cat who found himself in a high-kill shelter in Long Beach, CA. It was obvious to shelter staff he suffered a left radial fracture which was protruding through his skin. Things went from bad to worse when little Malik was placed on the euthanasia list because the shelter was at full capacity. Thankfully, before he was put down, Zoey’s Place Rescue stepped in and saved his life.

To better determine the fight they had in front of them to save Malik, X-Rays were sent to the rescue’s veterinarian for review. It was then determined the best course of treatment to help Malik was surgery.

Malik’s surgery was a success in terms of fixing his broken leg. Unfortunately, while under anesthesia, he had a bad allergic reaction which sent him into a coma like state and left him temporarily blinded for three days. Furthermore, the pins placed in his leg became infected and had to be promptly removed.

Malik was able to go into a loving foster home where his healing could commence. It was wonderful for his rescuers to watch him bounce back to a normal kitten in no time.

During this time, his progress was documented on Instagram. It was there his new family found him. They knew from the moment they saw him he was the furry baby for them and eagerly waited for the veterinarian to give him a clean bill of health. Now, with his new family, Malik can live the best life possible, thriving in the human interaction he craves.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation wishes Malik and his new family the most wonderful life ahead full of fun, happiness, love and adventure.

Written by: Popi Doukakis

Edited by: Bob Stone

  ISF Grantee Malik  ISF Grantee Malik Adopted

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