Molly and Shayna

In July of 2014, Serenity Place Rescue (SPR) was apprised of nine cats and a dog living in deplorable conditions after their owner was faced with eviction. SPR was able to take in two of the unnamed cats, whom they named Molly and Shayna. Once in their care, they discovered these two cats suffered from serious dental and mouth issues including broken teeth and severe pain. Further, Molly was diagnosed with Feline Herpesvirus.

SPR wrote ISF, “Molly and Shayna are two of the sweetest older cats that we have come across in some time. In spite of years of neglect and horrific conditions they were living in, they remained gentle and loving. Molly comes running to the door every time she hears footsteps and meows a hello while waiting for a pet. Shayna won't let a soul stop petting her once they start. She quietly reaches out for your hand and pulls it back to her for more loving. We know once both these beautiful sisters are feeling 100% they will quickly find a loving home; hopefully together.” ISF shared SPR’s vision and granted them a Medical Emergency Grant to help Molly and Shayna heal.

Once it was determined Molly and Shayna were healthy enough to undergo surgery, they both had successful and extensive dental scaling, periodontal, and multiple tooth extraction procedures. After their surgeries were completed, the cats returned to SPR’s sanctuary room where they underwent seven days of antibiotics.

Shortly after her surgery, Shayna was seen on a social media site by a wonderful man who came to meet her and fell in love with her disposition. He returned daily to visit with her until she was fully recovered and then adopted her in October of 2014.

Molly suffered a minor setback when she developed an upper respiratory infection shortly after her procedure which required a second round of antibiotics. Once fully recovered, she became happy and allowed both SPR volunteers and visitors alike to pet her around her head and face. She also befriended many of the other cats who were awaiting their forever homes. Currently, Molly is still waiting to find her "forever" home.


Written by Veronica Hampton