Mufosa came into the care of Paws Crossed, an animal rescue located in Kansas after concerned food bank volunteers found him in a dumpster on a cold December day.  Just a young male puppy, it was glaringly obvious he had been cruelly neglected and in need of immediate emergency care.  Not only had he been stuffed into a trash bag, he was severely malnourished at 5.2 pounds and his right eye was badly infected.  The swelling was so severe it initially appeared his eye was missing. 

Mufosa’s immediate need was to be fed, hydrated and have the eye infection treated.  He was placed on a diet of high fat bone broth to get some desperately needed calories and liquids.  In addition to being given antibiotics for his eye, Mufosa was also treated for fleas, ticks and intestinal worms.  Upon further examination, however, the vet discovered Mufosa had a heart murmur.  The initial hope was the murmur would resolve itself with time and healing in a foster home.    

Mufosa thrived in foster care!  He was a loving and adoring puppy who craved human companionship.  His eye infection cleared up quickly and he even began to gain weight.  Once he started having bowel movements, it was clear that he had been forced to eat plastic to survive as his stool was littered with debris.  It’s remarkable his intestines were not damaged. 

Unfortunately, the heart murmur did not resolve itself as was initially hoped.  Crossed Paws volunteers drove him two and a half hours to see a specialist for a second opinion.  He was seen by a University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Cardiologist and an echocardiography revealed he had pulmonic stenosis.  This is described as a congenital defect of the semilunar valve resulting in a severe narrowing of the heart valve allowing blood into the lungs.  Being forced to compensate, the right side of his heart was failing because it was unable to keep up with the workload.  The Cardiologist suggested medication immediately to decrease the stress on his heart.  Furthermore, Mufosa would also need surgery or he would eventually die of heart failure, sooner rather than later.  With the surgery, Mufosa’s prognosis was excellent and he would be expected to live a normal life.

The cost of the surgery was the only stumbling block – estimated at $2,600 to $3,000.  Looking for assistance, Marie from Paws Crossed reached out to ISF to apply for a grant and with ISF’s help, Mufosa was able to receive the surgery he needed.  The surgery was very successful and after a month of recuperation, Mufosa was ready to meet some prospective adoptive parents.  Marie describes him as a “miracle” and notes their rescuers were blessed to have him.  Sadly, the rescue had to navigate some criticism for going so far above and beyond for one dog.  We at ISF believe that each creature deserves a fair chance at life and together with Paws Crossed, we made it happen.

Epilogue – Mufosa made a complete recovery and was adopted by his forever family on February 22, 2016.  Apparently, Mufosa’s human brother has also had heart surgery.  His new parents live and work near the hospital where Mufosa had his surgery so going to follow up appointments is a breeze.  It sounds to us like this union was meant to be.

Written by Shandra Locken

Edited by Bob Stone