My Visit to the Children's Hospital

My life presents me with a ton of opportunities to engage with young, creative, inspiring individuals. This weekend was no exception. Last Saturday, I got to visit one of the children’s hospitals here in Atlanta and was truly blown away by these kids. I am at a loss for words. Their strength in moments of excruciating pain as they fight life threatening diseases, while inspiring, also fuels their creativity. And while I went to connect with these kids and share with them some of the “Blood Brothers” shirts that Paul and I created (the two of us will personally donate funds from the sale of these shirts to several causes that are closest to our hearts), I ended up in awe of these children, and the artist inside each and every one of them. What they are creating themselves from their own hospital rooms was nothing short of incredible. Some of them were kind enough, and brave enough, to share some videos/short films that were online, and one girl even had her own Youtube channel! I honestly can’t wait to go back in the hopes of creating a day dedicated to film/media/acting workshops, because I’m pretty sure they could teach me a thing or two!

This was truly a life changing experience, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to share it with all of you.

Love, Ian