Neeko was found by a Good Samaritan after being struck by a car near her home. She drove him to a veterinarian who scanned him for a microchip and took X-rays to assess the damage done to his body. Neeko was microchipped, but when his previous owners were contacted they stated they could not afford the bill and did not want him back. The Good Samaritan was also unable to afford Neeko’s care, so reached out to Kitten Rescue for help.

Neeko’s original X-rays revealed he suffered a break of the hind portion of his pelvis, causing him to swing his leg outward and preventing him from bearing much weight on it. This very rare injury normally would heal on its own, however, a month later Neeko was showing no significant signs of improvement so was taken to an orthopedic surgeon for a consultation. There, it was determined Neeko would require surgery to reattach his leg bone, muscles, ligaments and tendons to his pelvis. Kitten Rescue reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) and was granted a Medical Emergency Grant to help Neeko obtain his orthopedic surgery.

After surgery, Neeko was put on cage rest for four weeks to let his leg and pelvis heal properly. Neeko healed wonderfully with his walking gait dramatically improved. Kitten Rescue wrote ISF to say “He is recovered. The whole operation was a success!”

Neeko is now fully recovered and living in a Kitten Rescue foster home, waiting for his perfect forever home to be found. A Kitten Rescue volunteer wrote ISF, “Neeko is a calm, easy going suave boy who loves to snuggle and get pets.  He's great with other cats and even kittens, wanting to play with them. He will let you do just about anything with him! He sleeps upside down a lot with his legs splayed out in all directions. He is quite as a mouse, content to just watch and cuddle with you. He's got a sweet little purr and will give your fingers gentle love nibbles. Neeko is an amazing cat who has been let down by his previous caregivers. We want to make sure that nobody ever lets him down again, by finding him a wonderful, indoor, forever home.”


Written by Veronica Hampton

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