Nexus and Nellie

When Ashley got her first apartment, she decided to adopt a dog named Nexus. Wanting to help the rescue where she adopted Nexus, Ashley opened her home as a foster facility for dogs awaiting their forever home. This is when Nellie entered Nexus’ and Ashley’s life. Nellie, a senior Chihuahua, had lived with a hoarder her entire life, receiving little to no medical care. After fostering Nellie, Ashley knew her heart was too attached to let her go so adopted her as well. Of her happy two dog life, Ashley told ISF, “Words cannot describe the love I have for them. Every single day I look forward to coming home to them and if I had a tail it would wag just as fast as theirs does when I walk in the door.”

Unfortunately for this happy family, Nexus and Nellie both became sick at the same time. Nexus developed an abscess on his head which required surgery as there was a possibility of it spreading to his heart and body. Nellie had four acutely infected teeth which needed to be extracted before the infection caused other issues in her weak body. With the help of a Medical Emergency Grant from ISF, both Nexus and Nellie were able to undergo the surgeries they needed.

Nexus’ abscess was drained and it took about a week to clear out all the bacteria. Nellie ended up needing six teeth pulled during surgery instead of four. Since she was already missing several teeth prior to her rescue, she is now on a soft food only diet. After a hard couple week’s recovery period for both Nexus and Nellie, they are healed and back to living normal lives.

Of their new lease on lives, Ashely wrote ISF to say, “They are so well behaved and such sweethearts to everyone they meet. Nexus is always there to help Nellie get around because she does not have very good eyesight and seems to know when she is struggling. No other dogs on this planet have the ability to make so many people smile. I have never been so lucky and grateful in my entire life. (ISF) saved both of my dog’s lives and there are no words to describe the happiness and relief I feel because of what you have done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My babies are no longer suffering and are back to living normal lives!”



Written by Veronica Hampton