Ohio Street Beach, Chicago Clean Up

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is deeply invested in the protection of Earth and her creatures. The health of the oceans and waterways are a major contributor to her overall well-being and to the creatures inhabiting her. When we pollute our beaches with trash, empty bottles, wrappers and so much more, it can all potentially be swept into lakes and oceans which then causes harm to our aquatic friends when they either get trapped in or ingest it.

On July 15th, ISF, in conjunction with the Alliance for the Great Lakes Adopt-a-Beach program, held a beach cleanup at Ohio Street Beach in Chicago. Two ISF volunteers, Amanda Kaminski and Jamie Wendling, along with about a dozen other participants, spent the morning cleaning up a section of the beach. There were quite a few interesting things found, but amongst the most common were cigarette butts, plastic bottle caps, straws, shards of foam, glass, and plastic. All the items found could do serious harm if they were whisked into the water and ingested by sea dwelling creatures.

“I love when ISF supporters get involved with actual hands-on activities, helping our planet and her creatures. It’s great to donate money and wear t-shirts showing your support for ISF. We love that! We equally love when people get out and get involved in activities that positively impact Earth and her creatures!” explained volunteer Amanda Kaminski.

Within the few hours that it took to clean the beach, the group of volunteers collected approximately sixteen pounds of trash as well as a full bag of recyclable items.

“Some of the volunteers who came out for the cleanup actually signed up before it was publicly announced by ISF,” explained Amanda, “which means cleaning up our waterways is something they are interested in, independent from their interest in ISF, which is great! As we were leaving I heard and saw, a few of them exchanging contact information so they could keep in touch and do another clean up together in the future which is wonderful for the future of our lakes!”

Written By Amanda Kaminski

Edited by Fallyn Maleski


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