One-Eyed Jack

One day after driving home, a woman got out of her car and discovered an injured kitten in the wheel well of her car!  Shocked by the sight, she brought the kitten into her home. Unfortunately, this lady did not have the financial means to help the young cat get medical aid for his injured eye. Other neighbors, hearing the incredible story, stepped in to help. They drove the kitten to the emergency hospital and paid for his exam and eye medication.

A week later, one of the Good Samaritan neighbors, Elisabet, went to visit the kitten. Upon arrival, she discovered the eye had worsened. Intervening, Elisabet rushed the injured kitten back to the emergency hospital.  Unfortunately, the eye was unable to heal even with the medication. Because the infection was worse, it needed to be removed. Recognizing her amazing efforts, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) decided to help Elisabet with a Medical Emergency Grant to help pay for the surgery. 

Despite having five cats of her own, Elisabet adopted the kitten and named him “One-Eyed Jack”. Jack quickly bonded with the other cats in the household and became an important member of Elisabet’s family.After his surgery, Jack bounced back very quickly and was able to run and play within a day. Elisabet happily reported to ISF, “He is not even aware that anything happened. He is an extremely playful kitten that does not stop running around and playing. He has taken over the house!” 

Jack, who Elisabet describes as having “Duracell batteries” inside him, is a constant source of joy to his adoptive family. They wrote ISF to say: “We love him and even though we have a house full of cats, we adopted him and he is a treasured member of our family.”





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