Orion - graphic photo warning

Resilient, brave, strong and loving are only a few of the words Orion's rescuer, Zoey's Place Rescue, used to describe him. Little Orion was only two months old when someone found him lying, utterly immobile, in a person's backyard. His injuries were severe and probably caused by a dog or wild animal attack. Orion was so hurt, he wasn't able to move at all and the rescuer thought he likely had been lying there for days.

Orion was taken to a vet and found to be suffering from multiple injuries: a large, two-inch open wound on his right thigh, a double femoral fracture on his left hind leg and a possible pelvic fracture on his right side. This kitten was less than two pounds and was so tiny, the vet had to wait to perform surgery until Orion could be stabilized. The vet sought to reduce the fractures and immobilize and repair Orion's thigh wound, but this meant Orion had to be under constant crate care while he healed enough for surgery.

Being confined is never an easy feat, particularly for wee ones and Orion was, after all, still a young kitten. Orion would always be “waiting quietly in his crate for his daily care” according to Zoey's Place Rescue and “his big, wide eyes always fixated on my hand to be petted”. Orion was malnourished and so emaciated there was concern over the severity of his injuries and the stark possibility his extensive wounds and injuries could prove too much for him. However, Orion is the perfect example of perseverance as he wasn't about to give up! Amazed with Orion's plucky spirit, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation was thrilled to be of service when Zoey's Place Rescue contacted us for help with the necessary medical costs.

When he was stable enough, Orion underwent emergency surgery to repair the wound on his right hind leg. The vet also repaired Orion's fractures of his femur by reducing them and realigning the bone. Three days in the hospital and Orion was ready to be released back to the loving care of his rescuer. Unfortunately, he still had four more weeks of crate rest to ensure his fractures properly heal. Despite these obstacles, Zoey's Place said, “Orion was always a brilliant patient, so calm and loving”, noting, “crate rest is no fun for a kitten that age, but it certainly paid off as he made a complete recovery from his fractures”.

Orion worked hard to heal and now he was ready to be adopted. His new family had been following his journey on Facebook, since the very day he was rescued and they couldn't wait to bring him home. Zoey's Place said they were thrilled to place Orion with such a wonderful family. After experiencing crate rest for so long, Orion instantly took to running around and playing in his new forever home. “Animals are amazingly resilient,” Aurelie with Zoey's Place Rescue remarks, “and every case I take [teaches] me what the meaning of true compassion is, and also, unconditional love.” Aurelie went on to say, “No matter what trauma they have been through, they are grateful to be alive and loved. Orion was no exception and was just an absolute love to take care of.”

Zoey's Place Rescue gives great advice when encountering an injured or hurt animal, “Orion inspired everyone to look twice when they see an animal in distress, no matter how desperate the case. Be their advocate and seek additional help – they are worth it!” ISF agrees. Animals are the sweetest and most loving creatures on the planet and we all must do our part in being a voice for the voiceless!

Written by Brandy D. Anderson

Edited by Bob Stone

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