After his owners moved, Ozzy, a three-year-old male cat, was forced to live life on his own. He was neglected and left living on the back porch, in the middle of winter, in Connecticut. The kind neighbor who lived next door realized it and tried to help. He laid blankets for Ozzy to sleep on during the harsh winter nights and then decided to reach out to Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue. Heartbroken by his story, they stepped in and took Ozzy into their care.

About a week after he was rescued, his foster mom found Ozzy weak and lethargic.  He was rushed to the veterinarian where it was discovered he had a large amount of blood in his urine caused by a possible urinary obstruction. After performing an ultrasound and x-rays to see what was causing the blockage, there was no definite answer. They were left with two choices: euthanize him or perform surgery with the risk of him not making it through the night. Two hours of surgery passed and Ozzy came through successfully. The vets were able to insert a catheter and discovered an enlarged prostate was blocking his urethra, causing the obstruction. In need of some financial help, ISF was able to give Ozzy a Medical Emergency Grant. This is an extremely rare diagnosis and was due to his prior owners not neutering him. After his surgery, Ozzy was neutered, placed on medication, and given time to recuperate. He was able to urinate and pass bowel movements on his own again. Thankfully, Ozzy made a full recovery. 

This sweet, mellow soul had no problem finding his forever home. A woman found his listing online through Petfinder. She immediately fell in love with his picture, and then fell even more in love at her meet and greet. This docile boy endured a very painful hardship, but was able to fight through it. Now he’s able to get all the love he deserves sleeping in his mom’s lap.        

Written by Francesca Pollio

Edited by Bob Stone