Pajacyk is an affectionate, outgoing teenage cat who was rescued on his last day before being euthanized at a high kill shelter. After being taken into The Goathouse Refuge (TGR), Pajacyk developed an ulcer-like sore on his right front paw. When antibiotics and soaking the paw did not improve his situation, TGR took Pajacyk to a veterinary specialty hospital where he was put on a different antibiotic.

Unfortunately instead of improving, a second ulcer developed leading to a cancer diagnosis. To prevent the cancer from spreading, amputation of Pajacyk’s leg was recommended. TGR reached out to ISF and was provided a Medical Emergency Grant. 

Two weeks later, TGR sent ISF an amazing update, “Pajacyk originally went in to get his leg amputated, because previous testing had revealed a cancerous growth and infection that was not responding to antibiotics. Thanks to the grant, we had a little bit more financial room to have one more test done before the surgeons would take his leg, and this time the results were ambiguous enough that they thought it might be worthwhile to try a different, very aggressive antibiotic and only amputate part of the affected toe, rather than take the whole leg. So we tried this, because in the worst case we would have delayed the leg amputation, but if it worked there would be a lot to gain, and thankfully Pajacyk responded to the different antibiotic and with the badly affected part gone, there were no signs of the infection spreading, and he is now fully recovered. The aftercare required several visits to the veterinary specialty hospital and continued pain meds and antibiotics, but he's doing great now!”

As Pajacyk began to feel better, his happy, playful, spunky teenager side came out. Once healed, Pajacyk left his foster home and came back to live at The Goathouse Refuge where potential adopters could come meet him.

One day a family came to visit looking for kittens, but when they visited the teenage room on their way out, Pajacyk walked up and immediately curled up in the ladies lap. It was love at first sight and they inquired about adopting Pajacyk. TGR spoke with the family about Pajacyk's medical background which did not sway their decision. After filling out an application and going through a home check, Pajacyk went home with his new loving family who have renamed him Charlie.



Written by Veronica Hampton