When you inherit the name of Perseus you have some pretty big boots to fill. The greatest hero in Greek mythology, Perseus slayed the monsters and saved everyone from Medusa. While our protagonist may not actually be a mythic Grecian figure, ISF wants to introduce you to another Perseus, one who is equally as heroic. Just like Hercules, Perseus, our lovable mini-Australian Shepherd and Pitbull mix, is stronger than anyone could have imagined.

Perseus, or Percy as he's nicknamed, has had to exert more strength in his young fourteen-month-old life, and suffered more heartache and pain, than most creatures have had to endure in a lifetime. His rescuers told us he “was dropped off by a neighbour who found him, limping, scratched, and dirty” and that his former home had given him up after they had previously neglected to get him medical attention for an injury he sustained. Sweet Perseus had been suffering from a badly broken right femur for over a month.

Percy's rescuers told the Ian Somerhalder Foundation what a “survivor” he is, and this resiliency shows in the way he had to “leave his mother [as he embarked] on a dangerous quest” to find someone to help him. He had travelled “three to four miles through the high desert of New Mexico, on a leg that had been badly broken for over a month”. It is difficult to imagine how Percy was able to manage such a tumultuous feat, particularly at such a tender age. As soon as the rescuer saw Percy, they said “he limped around and charmed us and our five rescue dogs with his positive and playful spirit, despite being in pain”.

Immediately seeking the necessary medical help for young Percy, the vet told his rescuers that Percy's broken femur had been neglected for so long his options were limited. One bleak possibility was amputation, but since Percy was so young, there was hope that a plate could be put in and the bone reset – but at a very high cost. Percy's rescuers contacted ISF to help with the medical costs, and we were so touched by Percy's story we couldn't wait to help.

When it came to his recovery, Percy continued to live up to his mythic name. His “puppy powers of healing” were so strong they “sped the bone repair process” at such a rapid rate he was able to skip his final x-ray and checkup. Through the entire process, Percy's new forever home said they were touched by the “immense compassion” shown to them from people they didn't know, people “who came forward to help support Percy”. Percy's miraculous recovery was wonderful, but he still needed a forever home. His rescuers grew very attached to this valiant young pup, and they knew they could provide the home Percy needed. 

Percy has settled into his happy new home life at the ranch: “He has made friends with all of the dogs ... and has even won over some of the cats.” He has an “incredibly calm and charming demeanour”. Although Percy's new family tells us he is “still showing signs of unknown trauma”, his best friend Arawen coaxes him to “run full blast”. Along with his furry new family, his new humans say they are happy to be able to “spend lots of cuddle hours” in order to give him “lots of love and reassurance that nobody is mad at him”. Percy's story has changed from a Greek myth to a Disney fairy tale – he's finally found his “happy ever after”.

Written by Brandy D. Anderson

Edited by Bob Stone

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