Poppy is a petite, timid two year old cat with a great big heart which she shares with every other cat she meets. Innately happy, this girl had a strong desire to play when first rescued from a high kill shelter by Kitty Devore Rescue Network (KDRN), but was unable to. Play and social time were almost nonexistent for Poppy as she suffered from a painful condition called Lymphocytic/plasmacytic gingivitis stomatitis (LPGS).

LPGS is an autoimmune disease exclusive to felines which will attack their entire mouth and gums causing them to bleed. Affected cats will have bad breath, may drool and sometimes develop lesions.  Because of her extremely painful mouth, Poppy could barely eat. In many cats, LPGS will not clear up despite aggressive treatment and they will remain in discomfort until all of their teeth, except the canines, are removed. KDRN had twelve of Poppy’s teeth extracted, but even this did not fully solve her issue. Poppy became resistant to steroid injections which were meant to help her.  As she continued to suffer every day from her LPGS, Poppy became reclusive with low energy. KDRN didn’t want to deny sweet Poppy a happy life and decided a full dental extraction would be the only way to help her.  After contacting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, KDRN received a Medical Emergency Grant to help Poppy.

Poppy underwent a full mouth extraction, having all teeth except her four canines removed to cure her LPGS. Despite the poor condition the disease had left her lower gums, Poppy progressed nicely post-surgery with the help of antibiotics, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory medication.

On the second day after surgery Poppy became more alert. By day three, she was happily socializing with the other kitties in her foster home, playing chase and trotting around with her tail held high in the air. She was feeling so well in fact, she not only began grooming herself, she also began grooming and cuddling her favorite feline foster sister, Abby Newt. Amanda with KDRN wrote ISF, “We would just like to say that we are so grateful to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for this very generous gift to Poppy. This surgery is truly a new lease on life for her and opens the door to something she has probably never had; pain free, care free days, and the opportunity to finally be well enough to find her forever, loving home! On behalf of myself, Kitty Devore Rescue, and Poppy, we thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

Now fully healed, Poppy is enjoying life with her foster mom Michelle until she finds her forever home. Michelle wrote ISF, “Poppy’s dental surgery allows her to be happy, healthy, full of energy and to do what she does best – kiss other kitties.”

December 2015 update: Poppy has found her forever home. Kitty Devore wrote to ISF: "Poppy at last, has found her happily ever after home where she will always be cherished and cared for. A home where she will thrive and be safe. A home full of love that was always meant just for her.  It is a sweet, well deserved victory for this kitty that we so gratefully share with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation."


Written by Veronica Hampton

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