Precious, a four-year-old Doberman Pinscher, was found lifeless on an interstate median in California. CA Transportation services were sent out to remove her body and it was then they discovered, that while she was very close to death, she was still breathing. Animal Control rushed her to SPEC, an emergency vet clinic for treatment while also making every effort to contact her owner. Once found, the owner decided to surrender Precious due to the expensive cost of saving her life and her injuries. Previously, Precious had been used as a breeding dog and because she now had a shattered pelvis, cracked femoral head and likely a tear in her vulva, she was no longer able to give them puppies to sell.

That is when Precious’ luck changed. A local Rescue Group, Pits R Us All Breed Rescue, were contacted by Animal Control and informed of the severe and serious injuries Precious sustained. Without a thought, Pits R Us All Breed Rescue took her on with open arms. She was transferred to the Sage Clinic inpatient hospital in Concord for continued stabilization for surgery. ISF was happy to give a grant to help with some of the cost to cover Precious’ hospital say.

ISF Grantee  Precious

Sadly, specialists evaluating her said they could not perform surgery because Precious tested positive for Von Willebrand, a bleeding disorder caused by low levels of clotting protein in the blood. The vets were certain she would never walk again.

After one week of inpatient stabilization at the Sage Clinic, Precious was finally released to her foster home. She came home with a urinary catheter and was ordered to stay on strict crate rest for six weeks. The urinary catheter was removed and a “help me up” harness assisted holding her while she slowly regained the mobility to her muscles. Miraculously, Precious began to take a couple steps. Her foster family diligently took her out several times a day to practice taking a couple steps. Fast forward six weeks, Precious was able to walk into the vet’s office unassisted for her checkup.

Precious, who now runs and plays more than ever, has a new lease on life with her adopted mom Dorothy. Retired and living in a home with full carpeted floors so Precious won’t slip, Dorthy was the perfect choice for Precious, who will be the only pet in her home.

Pits R U All Breed Rescue told ISF, “Precious reminded us why we do rescue; to give animals who really need a second chance the option of a better life.”

Written by: Dina Khayal

Edited by Bob Stone

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