Apollo Support & Rescue (ASR) in Fort Worth, TX saw an urgent Facebook post about a Shepherd mix dog in need of immediate rescue. The dog, named Sadie, had suffered extreme injuries to her back left leg and tail when she was presumably hit and drug by a car before being taken to a local animal shelter. Sadie had a large section of skin missing from her leg leaving her muscle and tissues completely exposed. Her tail was also degloved leaving the bone showing along its length. Deciding to rescue her from the shelter, ASR volunteer Catherine said, “Sadie was in a lot of pain when we met her. She had been in a situation which was terrifying and painful and then taken into a shelter with hundreds of other dogs barking around her.  Through it all, Sadie remained sweet and welcoming to the strangers around her and never offered to growl or bite anyone. Actually, she was so friendly, outgoing and wanted to give everyone kisses!”

Immediately after rescue, Sadie underwent tail amputation surgery due to the irreversible damage done by the accident and the length of time it had gone untreated. The doctors discussed leg amputation as well, but decided to take a different route of daily bandage changes and wound debridement. Once her wounds were healed, FHO surgery would need to be done to alleviate her hip pain and lessen her chances for future arthritis. ASR was given a grant by ISF to help defray the costs in getting Sadie healthy again.

Sadie’s wounds healed and her second surgery was performed without a hitch. Unfortunately, she suffered a setback when the pin in her knee slipped out of place and came to rest on her knee cap.  In excruciating pain once again, a third surgery was performed to put the pin back in its proper place.

After this surgery, Sadie had to once again be placed on extreme crate rest and this time she made a full recovery. Now able to be the young, energetic puppy she had longed to be, Sadie began to run and play. Soon afterward, Sadie found her forever home with another dog and child to spend her life with.

Of Sadie’s struggle, Catherine wrote ISF, “She is so young, but she didn't take this as the end... she knew it was only the beginning to better things.”


Written by Veronica Hampton

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