Kim has dedicated her life to helping save cats in her home state of Missouri. She works with a trap, spay and release program for feral cats and also networks domestic cats who end up in shelters. When no rescue or adoptive family came forward on Scarlett’s last day at the shelter before she was set to be killed, Kim took her into her own home.

The day Kim brought Scarlett home from the shelter, she was emaciated, weighing only three and a half pounds, dehydrated, flea ridden and anemic. Scarlett has no claws and is missing an eye. Kim believes Scarlett belonged to a family at some point in her life, but signs showed she had been on her own for quite some time.

Kim took Scarlett to her veterinarian for an exam and x-rays. Scarlett was diagnosed with megacolon which was causing her intestines to become completely blocked. To help her, the veterinarian manually extracted Scarlett and gave her enemas.

In Kim’s care, Scarlett began to gain weight and feel better. The Megacolon, however, made the tissue in her intestines shrink causing it to be nearly impossible for Scarlett to eliminate toxic stools. Without treatment, Scarlett would die. Kim wrote to ISF, “Scarlett is a fighter who wants to live. She's gained weight, has energy and her anemia is correcting. She is full of love and her favorite thing is to rub her head into you and sit on your lap. She's an endearing soul who has been climbing a big hill and deserves the chance to keep climbing and reach the top!”

With the help of a Medical Emergency Grant from ISF, Scarlett underwent six separate treatments to return her rectum to normal size. It was a hard and slow journey, but Scarlett was able to make a full recovery. Kim wrote ISF, “Scarlett is doing very well! She is acting like a typical cat and has increased strength, weight and a good appetite!”

When ISF asked Kim where Scarlett would spend the remainder of her days, she happily replied, “Scarlett has found her forever home with me. After all she has gone through, I do not want to uproot her. She and I have a special bond.” Further saying, “I learned to never give up, even when things seem like there is no hope. I have affirmed what I have always thought, which is to seek a second and third opinion in all matters of life and death. The first vet who saw Scarlett told me there was nothing that could be done and that I needed to put her down. I didn't accept that and went to the specialist. It fills my heart with joy to see her now and know that she is here because I was determined to save her and not give up and also because she is a fighter!”


Written by Veronica Hampton