The small staff at the Orangeburg County Animal Shelter in South Carolina knew they had their work cut out for them when they encountered Shadow, a defeated, 2-year-old, shepherd-mix stray badly in need of help. When they examined him, they noticed one side of his body had experienced some type of traumatic event. The vet believes a cord or something similar had been wrapped around his leg causing a severe injury to his foot. Also, Shadow’s gums were so torn up, he had teeth dangling from them. Despite the amount of pain this poor fellow was in, he was nothing but sweet to his human rescuers, with not an ounce of aggression noted.

The shelter made several attempts to get Shadow into a rescue, but were unable due to overcrowding and the extent of his medical needs. Surgery was recommended to repair his torn gums, remove the dangling teeth and amputate the leg at mid-thigh. The vet assured the shelter staff the injuries, although serious, would be very easy for Shadow to recover from once operated on.

Although the vet did offer an incredible discount to the shelter, more financial assistance was needed for Shadow’s surgery. The Orangeburg County Animal Shelter reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) and shared Shadow’s story. They believed he deserved a second chance and they had exhausted their resources trying to make it happen. ISF stepped in and offered up some financial assistance so Shadow could make a fresh start.

Shadow’s story received an outpouring of support on Facebook. One particular woman was interested in adopting Shadow and more persistent than the others. After seeing Shadow’s handsome picture on the shelter’s Facebook page, she expressed her intent to adopt. She waited patiently for his medical treatment and neuter 

surgery to be completed, in addition to the home approval process. Once she was approved, it was time for her to meet Shadow. This potential adopter flew all the way to South Carolina from Las Vegas, Nevada and instantly fell in love with him. Shadow fell in love too.  Now adopted, Shadow and his new mom are living happily together in Las Vegas. Thanks to all the kind hearts who didn’t give up on Shadow, he’s now living the good life just like he was meant to.

Written by Whitney Norton

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