Shooka's Beach Clean Up

In 2014, Shooka Bidarian, who lives in Bangkok, Thailand participated in a “Google Hangout” with ISF Founder, Ian Somerhalder. During the hangout, they discussed environmental causes which inspired Shooka to action. Ever since, she has conducted and organized various workshops, fundraisers and other environmental related activities to raise awareness about the impact of plastic waste on our environment. She also provides education on climate change in support of ISF’s goals, objectives and projects.

On Earth Day 2016, ISF Community Crews around the world participated in a “Beach Cleanup Campaign”. Shooka’s crew, ISF Planet Carers, cleaned up Bang Saen Beach. Shooka told ISF, “With a group of incredible change makers and hours of hard work we managed to fill over 80 rubbish bags. When you have the passion and love to get something done, nothing can stop you, not even 35 C degrees of heat!” When asked what she learned from the event, Shooka wrote ISF, “We learnt more about the type of plastic waste and single use items used and discarded by people in the region.”

Not only did Shooka and her crew accomplish their goal by picking up 80 bags of trash, they were also able to come together and have a powerful discussion on other environmental issues, during a much needed break. ISF loves to hear stories of people around the world coming together in a collaborative spirit with other likeminded change makers to help the environment. Thank you to Shooka and her crew (James Bryan, CheChe Balbas, Yamine Boudemagh, Nabil Ayari, Tuhina Biswas, Terry Smith, W Umduang, P Kuntup, Nittaya L) for cleaning up the Bang Saen Beach. When ISF asked Shooka if she planned on a future clean up, she enthusiastically replied, “Definitely! There will be another beach cleanup in 2017.

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