ISF Grantee Spirit

Spirit is a beautiful one year old male Golden Retriever dog. In his short life he has experienced a major traumatic incident and a rough start to life. A very friendly dog, Spirit seemed to be waiting for Dallas DogRRR to rescue him. Thankfully they did on February 9th and took him to the vet that same day.

Spirit was a victim of a hit and run car accident which left both of his front legs badly broken. Surgery would be needed to insert pins and plates for him to heal. He was also heartworm positive. Surgery was scheduled almost immediately to rectify the damaged bones. Unfortunately, one of his legs could not be saved and amputation was needed. Later he developed an infection in this leg at the surgical site and needed a third surgery.

After surgery, Spirit moved into a foster home where he was confined to crate rest to heal. To keep Spirit occupied and boredom at bay, his foster mom, along with a dog behaviourist volunteer, would stimulate his mind with doggie IQ games.

Spirit fell in love with his foster mother. Once scared and fearful, with her help he became a loving sweet snuggler. After going through so much together, on July 26, 2016 his foster mom officially adopted him.

Written by Popi Doukakis

Edited by Bob Stone

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