Splatt and June

Can you imagine being homeless, malnourished and living in fear on the street? Now imagine being picked up and thinking you were safe, only to learn that because someone felt your personality was “less than desirable” they were going to euthanize you. This is exactly what happened to two Great Danes named Splatt and June. Learning their fate, Justice Great Dane Rescue (JGDR) stepped up and pulled the dogs from the shelter. In foster homes they flourished. They became sweet and loving despite the lack of concern humans had shown them. Both are quick to lavish love onto everyone they meet.

Another strike for these two magnificent dogs was when JGDR learned both Splatt and June tested positive for heartworms. With the help of a Medical Emergency Grant from ISF, both Splatt and June were put on antibiotics and heartworm prevention medication. The two Great Danes were placed on strict rest to eliminate emboli due to the dead worms in their system. Even before treatment was complete, JGDR interviewed and accepted two forever homes. There was no doubt Splatt and June would be treated well.

With JGDR’s knowledge increased through this experience, they decided to launch a heartworm prevention campaign within their organization. They feel this devastating condition is easily prevented. Their goal is to reduce the amount of heartworm infections within their community.

JGDR wrote to ISF: “We are so grateful to ISF for the ability to allow these two girls to receive the treatment that they needed which has enabled both to find their forever homes!”