The Wildlife Survival Sanctuary (WSS) in Florida is the permeant home for many exotic rescued animals.  So when Sundari, a domestic tabby kitten was found alone on the streets of Tampa, she was not their typical rescue. Being animal lovers who would never turn their back on an animal in need, the volunteers with WSS brought Sundari to live at the sanctuary as well.

Sadly, while going about her day at the sanctuary, Sundari was bitten by a coral snake. WSS volunteers rushed her to the nearest emergency clinic, only to be turned away because they did not have any anti-venom and the alternative would have been ten days in a respirator which they could not afford. Not giving up, they called another clinic an hour and a half away who could help. This clinic spoke with them on the phone while they rushed Sundari to them; letting them know how to position her in the car to help facilitate breathing. 

Salvina, a volunteer with WSS, held Sundari in the car as they rushed from one vet hospital to another. She wrote to ISF, “I spent that time in the car holding her and keeping her mouth open so she could get as much air in her lungs as possible. She died as we were parking the car, (but the emergency vet) revived her.”

When given the anti-venom for the coral snake bite at the second hospital, Sundari went into anaphylactic shock and needed to be put on a respirator. In the hospital, she also developed an infection of the lungs requiring antibiotics. WSS reached out to ISF asking for help with Sundari’s hospital bill and was granted a Medical Emergency Grant.

Sundari was kept on a respirator and feeding tube in the vet hospital for several days before making a full recovery. According to WSS, Sundari’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Of her life today, Salvina told ISF, “She is getting ten times the attention she used to have and she craves human interaction so much it is making her the happiest cat on earth. She seems to be even more glued to us and bonded to us since the accident happened. Your foundation came to support us at a time when we were facing decisions between keeping Sundari on life support or being able to care for the rest of our animals. Her journey to get the care she needed was so nerve racking and we were so lucky to arrive at the emergency hospital just in time for them to revive her! We knew she had a good chance of making a full recovery but the price of the equipment was deciding her fate... It was unbearable and we are forever grateful for your help!”


Written by Veronica Hampton